Considering mold situation in New York city

Mold problem has been on the rise. Our recent test in Clinton Hill has revealed full spectrum of molds including Stachy Botrys. The client has experienced what he thought pneumonia but it is probably some mold related infection or asthma attacks. We won't know until they are tested.

Here are some NY Times articles related how people are dealing with mold issues and how laws are trending.

The bad news, he added, is that remediation can be expensive — as can the reconstruction you might need to undertake after moldy walls or roofing is removed. Check your homeowner’s insurance; if you’re not covered, he said, “you need to buy a mold rider, and $50,000 of insurance is an appropriate amount.” the link
Recent court decisions on mold problems.

A NEW YORK CITY Housing Court judge has rendered a pair of decisions that send a mixed signal to landlords, tenants and their lawyers about a landlord's liability for mold.

Managing mold and lawsuits

That is because the newer buildings are often airtight. "And in buildings that have mold problems," he said, "central heating and air-conditioning systems can spread mold spores throughout the building."

New York Mold Task Team

Think of mold, one expert on the subject explained, as a weed. They are both equally ubiquitous: A little bit of mold grows everywhere, indoors and outdoors, year round, primarily in warm, dark and damp locations. There are thousands of different types of mold, but the one that has received the most attention from the media and health officials in recent years is Stachybotrys chartarum, a green-black mold that produces what are known as mycotoxins and is often referred to as toxic mold.