What experts say?

This is a curious thing about these "experts". They don't agree on these things. It is like republican and democrat thing.

Some doctors are known to push mold thing aside.

It just means a lot of weird stuff and nothing concrete. It is not like mold intends to kill us but it messes with our bodily functions. Even Stachy probably evolved to benefit indirectly from its toxin.

It is like HIV. Nobody cares for it until there are enough people suffering. You know Italy is suffering from malaria since it is getting warmer in parts. It is like West Nile virus. Perhaps we have that problem as it is generally warmer and moist than before?

In NY state, a panel of "experts" met and developed a conflicting advisory opinions. But they do recommend to remediate Stachy solely. I believe Deutsche Bank is being destroyed because of the mold; whole building. They mention black splotches which Stachy is known to create. I found the blog article of the mold tester of DB.

There are a lot of people divided over mold's harm. And it is difficult to prove it in the court for lack of research. But there have been cases of deaths from Stachy and there have been legal cases where lawyers made a lot of money.

People read different cases. Some say Asper/Pen causes death. Stachy causes death in infants.

It is best to say we should have clean air and clean water. From that standpoint, mold is bad as fine particulates and as breeding and aggresive organism.