Poor man's Remediation

Pro mold remediation works like this;

  1. fog with products like Concrobium (basically baking powder with some soap). It has to be atomized (fogging).
  2. scrub air. pro scrubber is expensive.
  3. hepa vacuum after


  1. fog with concrobium (home depot rental). It runs $40 plus Concrobium. A gallon is about $35 on 9/1/2009. The key is not to over-apply. It suggest 15 minutes and depending on the size of the room, just 5-10 min is enough.
  2. make air scrubber. it is easy. Buy $35 floor fan (square one). Get activated carbon filter for furnace. I bought one for $9.95 from HomeDepot or Lowes. Tie the filter on the fan. You have 3-speed air scrubber. run it overnight
  3. vacuum after
Step 3, don't use wet towel or sponge to clean. Vacuum. If you are using something wet, it needs to be soaked in biocide like Odoban or Back to Nature. Any number of these biocide (aka enzyme based concentrate) will work. It needs to be dry wipe meaning you don't leave any water. Wet wipe is different from dry wipe.

It is important to scrub right away and for awhile. Pros don't scrub long because they don't have time. They use bigger fan like 5800 CFM. So they don't do better job but larger fan will lift particulates and filter it. You do better if you move your DIY scrubber up and down and catch all floating encapsulated particulates.

Given you need to move all your furniture around. It is best to run the scrubber several days.

You need to wash everything. Clorox does not kill mold unless it is in direct contact and there is enough chlorine. You should wash clothing 1 part Clorox to 10 part water in addition to detergent. Use color safe bleach if you need to.